Godly play training

Get ready for the new year by joining our Godly Play team for a refresher training.

September 7th from 9am - 10:30am

It will either be at Russ & Amanda's or at our new location on Meridian St. 

Please get in touch with Meredith or Lori for more into.

3rd Grade Bibles

Dear Friends,

I wanted to touch base with you all about a new tradition we want to start at Mosaic.  One of the most important things to me in overseeing the children's program here is the value of cultivating each child's sense of spirituality.  And, as an integral part of that process, I hope to provide opportunities that foster spiritual connections in community to ensure that each child feels loved, connected, and cared for within our church.  

One endeavor that I hope will nurture such connections is this new tradition-- the giving of Bibles to all third graders in the fall.  This fall, we would like to extend this ritual to include all children/young adults (if desired) over third grade as well. This tradition is one that I hope will be full of meaning for each child receiving the Bible; but in order for this to be a meaningful experience, I am asking every parent to be thinking of someone, or a couple, at Mosaic or in your child's life who would want to sponsor your child's Bible.  

As a sponsor, you would be expected to:

  1. Spend time highlighting meaningful Bible verses and/or stories that they think would help, encourage, or inspire your child in his/her faith journey.
  2. Write a note in the Bible to your sponsored child.
  3. Commit to praying for and encouraging your sponsored child.

To obtain a Bible for your child, you can either:

  1. Invite the sponsor to purchase it.
  2. Purchase the Bible you want for your child and give it to the sponsor to highlight verses/write a note in the Bible.
  3. Contact me and let me know if you'd like us to help you find a sponsor and/or purchase the Bible for this tradition.

As you consider whom you might ask to fulfill this role for your child, I would also ask that you would consider opening yourself up to the possibility of being a sponsor for someone else's child.  The goal here is not to force any relationship into being, but rather to encourage each other to open their hearts to the kids already in our lives-- making sure that each child feels known, loved, and has many people to draw from who can point them to Jesus. 

This is a first step, and it is what we make it!  If you have thoughts, comments, or ideas, please let me know.  As mentioned above, for this first year we want to include kids above third grade to ensure everyone feels a part of this endeavor unless you think your child would not benefit from being included.  If your older child would benefit from a journal more than from a Bible, that's also an option to include them in this tradition. 

The deadline for contacting me to purchase a Bible is September 8.  

Much love,

Meredith LaPlante

Mosaic Children's Pastor


The summer training days are past, but there will be other opportunities in the future.  Check back here or talk to Meredith or Lori.