our beginnings

We, at Mosaic, are a community of people who are seeking to intentionally orient our lives around the life and teaching of Jesus.

Our journey began in the summer of 2006 when a small group of families spent a few days together in NW Montana.  We were fed up with the complacency in our own lives and our tendency to simply “attend” church and longed for something more, something deeper.

 We went to share, dream and explore what it might look like for us to share our lives together as well as invite others into that process.  With our ideas in our hearts and heads, we were given an incredible opportunity to meet with Dr. Eugene Peterson, author of The Message.  He listened, shared his stories and encouraged us to pursue a Christ-centered community.

Of course, Dr. Peterson wasn't the only one that fed into our journey.  We were also being supported and encouraged by our dear friends, Dr. Randy Roland, Dr. Allen Likkel and our larger community, the Christian Reformed Church of North America.  Without them, we would not likely have got off the ground.

Upon returning from our trip, we gathered a group of about 30 people for a backyard BBQ in Bellingham, WA to discuss what it would look like to plant a new faith community that was intent on “being” the church and “being” Jesus.  After that evening together we began calling ourselves Mosaic and had several backyard BBQs throughout the summer to continue our exploration of “being”. 

During this time, we also began to see the need in our lives for a community “rhythm” or way of life. We were asking the question, “What would our lives look like oriented around the life of Jesus?” From there we committed to 5 values, what we now call our B.L.E.S.S. Rhythms: Beautify, Listen, Eat, Study and Send. 

Mosaic is now a thriving, socially active community of dozens of people and two church plants, seeking to orient their lives around Jesus. Come to one of our gatherings and explore with us what it means to be the hands and feet of Jesus! We think that a faith community truly committed to living this way could change everything. We invite you to join us in this unfolding story. The Mosaic may just need your piece!

our today

In 2016, we turned 10 years old as a church.  We have had an incredible time and as committed to our initial vision as we were when we started.  We are a little older, we have WAY more children and many of us have more gray hair, but we still love our community.

Since the beginning, we have planted two new communities in Bellingham; The Table was our first plant and they meet in Fairhaven on the Southside of Bellingham.  The second was Fountain Parish. Though the families still get together as friends and share life together, Fountain Parish no longer has a regular gathering.

Many people have come and gone since we started, but the Mosaic would not be the same without them.  Thank you all for the wonderful privilege of doing life with you all these years.