Our Team

Mosaic is unique in many ways, but there are a couple things that many people ask about.  First, we aren't after "bigness".  It is not that we want to limit growth, we just don't think bigger is better. Everyone is welcome and we are thankful for each person that participates in our community. Second, our staff is intentionally part-time and we all work remotely (even before Covid). If the "Church" is people, then our "job" needs to be with people. Third, we aren't against owning a building, but we are for spending as little as possible on structures (of any type). As a result, we rent our space week to week. We would rather give more away than get more stuff.

We are super proud of our team, the sacrifice they make to be involved and the way they stay engaged with their city by working other jobs or being great moms!

  • matt atkins

    Lead Pastor


    Matt has the privilege of working with Mosaic as the primary teaching pastor and visionary. He also thinks it is the easiest church in the county to pastor. As he tells people all the time, "We just don't have any drama." That doesn't mean that we aren't human or have no problems, it just means that we deal with those normal things without all the drama and boy is he thankful!  Matt loves his role and the community of people that make up our unique little mosaic.

    In addition to working with Mosaic, Matt is a financial advisor with a private capital management company in Bellingham. Matt and his wife, Laura, of more than 38 years, enjoy spending time with their children (5 + spouses) and four grand-children, serving their community, taking vacations to warm places and working on their yard and garden. Matt is an avid golfer, loves fly fishing and reads constantly.

  • Jason houtsma

    Worship & Arts


    Jason is our worship leader extraordinaire.  He is not only an incredible guitarist, but he is also an amazing song-writer and leader.  Jason has developed a worship training website that is being broadly used around the world by individuals, churches and worship teams.  Check it out at WORSHIP ARTISTY.

    Jason and his wife, Alli have been married for over 10 years and have two wonderful boys, Bjorn & Asher.

  • Meredith Laplante

    Children's Pastor


    Meredith loves life, including but not limited to: her best friend and hilarious husband of almost 12 years, Donnie; her three creative, funny, intense, joyful, dramatic, expressive, loving children; learning and teaching; reading quality non-fiction and sometimes fiction; Brene Brown; sushi; the Bible; Pray-as-you-Go; Jazzercise; Latin; thinking about traveling again someday; re-framing terrible scenarios to make them not so terrible; riding bikes; jogging sometimes; planning to garden; and reading about minimalism.  She is lucky to work with someone who enjoys and is good at crafting, since she breaks out in hives upon stepping foot in a Michael's, and devotes a small amount of time to teaching Latin online.  Email her if you have questions about Godly Play, the children's program at Mosaic, or want to start learning Latin. 

  • Lori mcmurtrey

    Children's Pastor Assistant


    Lori is a mom of 2 and a grandma of four.  Lori is our new children's pastor assistant. Lori has been a florist for almost 40 years, loves to be creative, walking and be outdoors.

    She also has worked for 13 years at Hillcrest Early Learning Center in many roles including program coordinator.  She is now working as a Florist for a wonderful local flower shop!

Aaron walters

Beautify & Youth

Aaron is not only the Lead Pastor at The Table Bellingham, Mosaic's sister church in Fairhaven, he also serves our Mosaic community. 

Aaron and Kate have three wonderful kids.