Carmona Family Beautify

March 2017

Due to issues with the construction process, the City of Bellingham Engineer has put a stop on this project for the time being.  We will update everyone as soon as we have more information.

On February 17, 2017, the Carmona family suffered a small fire in their mobile home.  The Carmona's are from Mexico and trying to make a life here in Whatcom County. They are hardworking people that have a bad situation. See pictures below.

The Carmona's have 4 children, one just born a few weeks ago. They are currently living in temporary housing but have decided to rebuild the mobile home.  The front part of the Mobile home is torn up and Ernesto has been trying to rebuild it.  WE ARE GOING TO HELP!

We have already mobilized money and people to help with this project and are planning a weekend of bringing beauty to the Carmona's on April 22nd & 23rd. We'll start at 8am each day and go until about 5pm.

You can help by signing up for 2-8 hours on either Saturday or Sunday.  We already have help from a number of local churches, and are looking to add more people.  Contact DALE today if you can help!