This Fall we are very excited to be going on the journey of Godly Play with our children and community. This new direction will have an impact on all of us, and we believe it will be powerful in shaping the lives of our children, families and community.  

Godly Play also has a cost, in order to help cover some of those costs, we are doing a number of things. Here's a few that you can pray about, get involved in and help provide for.

  • June 24th - Garage Sale at the McMurtrey's.  Bring your garage sale items to their house all during the week (2129 Niagara St. Bellingham)
  • July 30th - Beautify Sunday.  We will be gathering at a shop and will be creating the figurines, sand boxes, cubbies and other things needed for kick off in the Fall.
  • August 20th - Beautify Sunday will be focused on getting everything ready for the launch of Godly Play in September.
  • Supplies - Before too long, we will be providing a list of things that we need and the cost to get them.  You'll be given an opportunity to "sponsor" one or more of those things and we hope you jump at the chance.
  • General Giving - When the budget is strong, we have adequate resources to do what we are called to do.  Your giving makes this happen.  GIVE NOW

For a look at the training dates, see below.


Whether you want to be a story teller, a greeter, help with the feast or just want to learn more about this new direction, we want you to be involved.  As we prepare OURSELVES to minister to our children through Godly Play, training is vital.  Here are the training dates that we have lined up for this summer.  By the way, if you haven't heard, THESE TRAININGS ARE WONDERFUL!

  • Godly Play General Information - Saturday, June 10th 9:30am - 12:30pm at St. Paul's Episcopal.  All are welcome to this free training.  RSVP to MEREDITH or LORI
  • Training for StoryTellers, Greeters and other volunteers - July 8th & 29th, August 19th.  Times will vary depending on your roll, so be in touch with MEREDITH or LORI about what to plan for.