Share Plates

SharePlates is an intentional gathering where people who know each other well invite people that don't know each other well to share a meal. It's a no phone, no tv time for people to share food, thought, feelings, fun and friendship. SharePlates is asking great questions that prompt both humorous and deep conversation. SharePlates is hospitality shared with both friends and strangers.

January 18 & 19, 2020

We would love it if everyone could take part in a shared meal over the weekend. You can get together as families with kids, without kids, with people close to your age, with people of different ages, married, single, IT DOESN'T MATTER! 

What does matter is that we make an intentional effort to get together with people that we don't know very well.  Maybe you team up with friends and invite people that you don't know. Maybe you invite a neighbor or a co-worker or a complete stranger. The beauty of SharePlates is that it provides an opportunity for people to share about their lives over a meal.

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Though this is a weekend for all of Mosaic, you can create and do your own SharePlates any time you want and we are happy to help as much or as little as you choose. If you would like help, you can contact SHARA.