During the early weeks and months of our community forming, we began to see the need in our lives for a community “rhythm” or way of life. We were asking the question, “What would our lives look like oriented around the life of Jesus in the 21st century?” From there we committed to 5 values, what we now call our B.L.E.S.S. Rhythms: 

Beautify   Listen   Eat   Study   Send

Together we have found that these Rhythms have helped us put flesh on the skeleton of our original vision to be the church and be the hands and feet of Jesus. Living the BLESS Rhythms puts the emphasis on our everyday lives and not just on our church gathering experience. It also gives us a common way of life that can be lived in any context. It’s not about what kind of jobs or pursuits we have, it’s about how each one of us is living the Rhythms in our particular field. 

The Rhythms also send us into engagement with our neighbors and coworkers. We realized that we didn’t want to be about separating ourselves from our culture and our city. Jesus was embedded in his culture and invested in his neighbors. As The Message translates John 1:14; "The Word became flesh and blood, and moved into the neighborhood." Likewise, we seek to live intentionally within our culture, within our neighborhoods, within our relationships. Plus, we think our Rhythms are just a great way to live: intentionally bringing beauty weekly to the people and places we come in contact with, listening to the voice of our Creator and obeying him, eating meals together, studying the life of Jesus and sending each other out and affirming one another to live Jesus’ heart and passion in our city and ,ultimately, the world. 

Our rhythms in action

Rhythms are a way of expressing what we value as a community.  They are intended to affect the way we live our individual lives as well as the way we function together.  Like any value, if it is not reflected in how we manage our resources (time, energy and money), then it really isn't a value.  That is why we set aside time, not just during the week but also on Sundays, for our rhythms to be expressed.  We want our calendar, our budget and our emphasis to reflect that we really believe in these 5 things; Beautify, Listen, Eat, Study & Send. 

We hope you check the calendar, find out about our budget and watch how we spend our energy, and see that we are staying true to what we believe is important.