Current opportunities to serve

At Mosaic, we intentionally bring beauty to the people around us; each week we seek to beautify both someone in Mosaic as well as a neighbor, co-worker, or friend by sending an encouraging note, fixing a car, dropping a food basket or anything else that would bring beauty to their lives. We also seek to bring beauty to the earth and our environment knowing that the care or defacement of God’s creation is in our hands. We want love accompanied by action to mark our faith community.  Mosaic works with a number of local organizations who are serving Bellingham and Whatcom County. It is our privilege to join them in their ongoing efforts and hope that you will jump on some of these opportunities in our wonderful area.

Current Opportunities

April/May 2020

30 Ways To Beautify Your Neighbors:

  1. Do a regular prayer walk in your neighborhood, praying for each household.
  2. Write Chalk messages on the sidewalk at night so it surprises people in the morning.
  3. Set up a chalkboard in front of your house and write messages for passersby.
  4. Talk to your neighbors as you walk (keeping your required distance, of course).
  5. Join or launch a front window bear hunt for the local kids.
  6. Leave a note for your local postman.
  7. Launch a street Facebook or WhatsAp page to share needs, ideas, and encouragement.
  8. Deliver gifts (baskets/bags, toilet paper bouquets, cookies) to your neighbors’ doorsteps.
  9. Take a hike & pick up any garbage along the way (see picture)
  10. Find out if there are any tech needs for kids that are homeschooling and then try to get donations
  11. If you live in an apartment, lower a basket by rope filled with comfort items for a neighbor
  12. Raise funds for a cause using an online donations platform
  13. Set up a little pantry outside your home and fill it with toilet paper and non-perishables
  14. Set up a community street pantry that everyone can donate to.
  15. Drop notes in your neighbors’ mailboxes offering practical help.
  16. Offer to do the shopping (including the pharmacy) for your elderly neighbors.
  17. Intentionally support small local businesses.
  18. Volunteer to deliver food for the food bank
  19. Clean up trash from the streets and parks.
  20. Make a list of all the people you’ve wanted to catch up with and haven’t, and then call or message them to check in on how they’re doing.
  21. If you’re musical, hold a balcony concert, or a sidewalk or driveway concert.
  22. Hold a “Dinner on the Driveway” night for everyone in your street.
  23. Host a virtual dinner party using one of the available platforms.
  24. Project a film onto the side of your house for neighborhood families to watch with you
  25. For apartment dwellers, launch a balcony choir or exercise class.
  26. Host an online or neighborhood trivia quiz.
  27. Contact AARON about opportunities with CHORE or LYDIA PLACE
  28. Do yard work for neighbors that just don't seem to be getting to it.
  29. Plan a front yard BBQ with your neighbors. Encourage everyone to come out in the front yard for dinner.
  30. Most of all, wash your hands regularly and thoroughly, practice social distancing, and if you have symptoms of fever or infection stay home and seek medical advice.

Rebound Roots Program

Roots will be start again in the Spring, so there will be help needed with meal prep, delivery and serving.

CHORE: OnGoing

Volunteer Chore Program provides volunteers to help the elderly (60 and over) and adults with functional disabilities remain independent in their own homes.

For all of the above, Contact CHORE