Current opportunities to serve

At Mosaic, we intentionally bring beauty to the people around us; each week we seek to beautify both someone in Mosaic as well as a neighbor, co-worker, or friend by sending an encouraging note, fixing a car, dropping a food basket or anything else that would bring beauty to their lives. We also seek to bring beauty to the earth and our environment knowing that the care or defacement of God’s creation is in our hands. We want love accompanied by action to mark our faith community.  Mosaic works with a number of local organizations who are serving Bellingham and Whatcom County. It is our privilege to join them in their ongoing efforts and hope that you will jump on some of these opportunities in our wonderful area.

Current Opportunities

JULY 14, 2019

Here are some opportunities to help out families in Mosaic. If you would like to help, PLEASE COMPLETE THIS FORM!

Lori McMurtrey Moving: July 14th

Lori is moving from her tiny home and needs help getting her stuff into storage for a couple of weeks before moving into her new place. We could use a couple of trucks to help out with this. This is a family friendly event and should only take from 10am - Noon. 7213 Mecklam Road Everson, WA

Misha Thompson Home - Yard Work

We need a big crew to get rid of some blackberry bushes and weeds that are trying to take over. We need clippers, hedge trimmers, weed eaters, shovels, hoes and other garden tools. Bring your gloves and let's get to work. This is family friendly event, so bring the kids. 3719 Tree Farm Lane in Bellingham.

Atkins' House Deck Destruction/Reconstruction

After 19 years, the deck needs some work. We aren't going to try and do the whole thing, but we need to get a section ripped off and new decking put down. 4-6 people is plenty but if you want to bring the kids and let them run around, great!  2924 Saint Clair St. Bellingham

Beautify 7/14/19 Form

Family Promise Whatcom County: August 2019

Family Promise needs volunteers to help with a family August 2019. 

We are looking for two churches to take a week each in August to help host Family Promise families at Birchwood Presbyterian.  

Each night (so that is 7 total nights) we need 2-4 people to make dinner and eat dinner with the families from approx. 5-7 pm (families usually arrive about 5:30, so that time includes dinner prep).

Each night we need 2-4 (again, 7 total nights) people to fellowship with the families from 7-9 pm.  This includes playing games, watching a video, helping with homework, doing whatever activity the volunteers might like to share, etc. (I brought nail polish a couple of times and we painted nails with whomever wanted to).  

This would be a good time to "try out" a week of serving with Family Promise to see how it went in your congregation. Families with children are encouraged to serve!  It would be a huge help to us as it is getting close and we need to get some commitments made for those weeks.  If you decide to try it out, I would come to your congregation and help someone who might be willing to be a point person (we call them the volunteer coordinator).  I would help them get the sign up system going, inform your congregations, and then train your volunteers.  Whatever assistance you need, I will be willing to offer.

If you would like to sign up to help, CLICK HERE.

CHORE: OnGoing

Volunteer Chore Program provides volunteers to help the elderly (60 and over) and adults with functional disabilities remain independent in their own homes.

  • Chore has a client that lives off Smith Road and has requested help with several projects, to include yard care, gutter cleaning, and laying a tarp over top of mobile home roof. She needs help with pruning shrubs, wisteria climbing onto roof and dog kennel.  Reports it needs an aggressive pruning.  Assistance with mowing lawn; septic hill needs weed eating and mowing. Shared pruning will be consuming, as wisteria vines need to be pulled through kennel panels.  Also, gutter cleaning and if possible, laying tarp over the roof of her single wide mobile home. She is sweet lady who has managed her property for over 18 years but due to medical condition is no longer able to keep up or complete the tasks safely. 

  • Cleaning Gutters - M.D. lives in Bellingham and needs help with cleaning gutters on single story house, also needs help with raking leaves.  

  • Cleaning Gutters- P.C. lives in Maple Falls. He needs help cleaning gutters on single wide trailer; he does not have a ladder.

  • Pressure Washing - M.T. needs help with someone to pressure wash the roof, sidewalk, and driveway. Does not have a pressure washer. 

  • Pressure Washing - C.L. needs help with someone to pressure wash mobile home, lives near Lake Padden. She doesn’t have a pressure washer.

  • Pressure Washing - J.D. needs help with someone to pressure wash the front of her mobile home, she lives in North Bellingham, does not have a pressure washer.

  • Firewood Prep - Help volunteers G. and T.- NEED TRUCK to load and unload and stack firewood they are donating for a Chore client-J.D.  Small group needed as wood would be hauled from lower end of property to truck.

  • Yardwork - K.H. lives in Blaine and would like help maintaining her beautiful yard. She created a lovely area for birds and has lots of plants to enjoy. Needs help pulling weeds and keeping it up

  • Repairs - N.R. elderly, wheelchair dependent lives on Pole Rd; needs help replacing insulation under mobile in designated area due to water pipe broke. Volunteer to assess project first. 

For all of the above, Contact CHORE