Sabbath-ing together

During this period of extended Sabbath we want to connect with our community around some shared resources that we can use to draw near to God with our families. Below are some links to various resources that allow space for all of us, including our kids, to anchor ourselves in God’s love. You may find some of them more helpful than others-- take what you need, leave what you don’t.  And remember, our kids are unique people too, so what may work for us may not work for one or all of our kids, and vice versa.  

We would love feedback on these, too!  And if you have something that’s helped you or your kids connect with God during this time, please pass it along so we can post it.


Sabbath Resources

Godly PlayStories of God at Home - Kindle book currently at reduced rate

Godly Play Faces of Easter” cards available for free download (for telling the story at home). You can also have your kids color in the drawings before telling the story.

We Wonder - podcast for kids; introduction and invitation into mindfulness in Christ:

Book to encourage centering prayer for children:

Free printable coloring pages that encourage mindfulness and invite a connection with God (follow the links for free emails/resources during COVID time of isolation:

Ways to memorize scripture as a family (think VBS-style neon, flashing lights):

For grown-ups:

Pray as You Go: website/app offering a lectio divina style devotional.  An essential part of my morning routine!

Centering Prayer: a way to ground ourselves and center our minds in God. Links to apps and other resources for contemplation here-