this week at mosaic

February 23, 2020

Mosaic at Holly Hall

10am - 11:45am

Thank you thank you thank you to all of you that helped out with Beautify Sunday this past week!  Here are some stats: (see some photos on the Beautify page)

  • Plates of dinner created for Roots Program - 200+

  • Cut wood loaded into truck and stacked for family in need - 400+

  • Students helping out with Chore Project - 10

  • Adults helping with Chore Project - 5

  • Total people who experienced beauty (or will) - 220+

Sunday - Feb. 23 - Brunch Instructions

  • A-J: Bring fruit, juice, yogurt, bagels, donuts or ?
  • K-Z: Bring a hot breakfast dish of eggs, meat, oatmeal, or something great that can feed 8-10

If you haven't been at our gathering for the past few weeks, or have missed some, we highly recommend that you take a listen to the discussions.  There are multiple parts to our

Partnering With Mosaic

conversation, so listen to them all! :)

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