This week - no gathering at the Majestic

Mosaic Beautify Sunday

10am - Noon

July 14, 2019

This week we are getting out of the building and onto the streets. Rather than lifting our hands in worship, we are using our hands in service. We are not just bringing an offering, we are being an offering. Come join us this week as we help out some families who have needs around their house. For information about the projects this week, CLICK HERE.

Our next gathering at the Majestic will be July 21st at 10am. We hope you'll check us out. We are focusing on what it means to grow spiritually this summer, so if you would like to catch up on the conversations, you can do so HERE.

Here's a quick view of the schedule during MosaicLite:

  • 10am - Music begins in the main room
  • 10:10 - Parents take kids to class
  • 10:10 - Music continues
  • 10:25 - Family Business (announcements)
  • 10:30 - Discussion
  • 10:50 - Kids come back upstairs and we share family communion*
  • 11:00 - Blessing

*Parents, communion is a very important part of what we do when we gather. As such, we encourage you to have your children with you and share the bread and wine/juice with them. We do not want the children running around during this time. If you would like help explaining this to your children, we are happy to talk with you about it and provide you with resources. 

Read about our community RHYTHMS.

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