Update from the Bayou
Dear Mosaic family-- our beloved Rebekah Quinn writes this to us from her new home in Louisiana:
I'm totally alive and well. My community, not so much. The eye of the storm hit 30 miles from my house and devastated lower Lafourche Parish.
We launched a giving campaign at the children's museum to come along-side area schools when they are back up and running to provide school supplies and clothes along with some basic needed items.
We're receiving all donations at the museums and I'll be distributing items to lower Lafourche Parish as soon as we're able. I know when things like this happen around the globe people often want to help but don't know how or if their money will go to the need.
Here's one way to help and I'm hoping you can share this link with others in our Mosaic community and beyond.


The first thing we learn about the Jewish understanding of God, is that God is creative. Not just "slap a bunch of paint against a wall" creative, but "bringing order out of chaos and 'very good'" creative.

Why do you suppose the writers of Genesis wanted us to know that? At Mosaic, we think it is because it shows mankind that our creativity and desire for beauty come from the fact that we are created in Gods image. It also shows us something beautiful about God.

This is why we seek to bring beauty in our world. It can be picking up trash, cleaning up a run down lot, serving an organization that helps people, caring for our environment or just offering a hand to someone in need.

Want To Help Organize Beautify Sunday's?

We are always looking for people who have a passion to serve and want to give some time to making our beautify Sunday's meaningful for our city and the families in our church. The more eyes we have looking for ways to serve, the more we can help those in need. Click the button below to coordinate with our Beautify Team.