Sundays at 9:45 am
400 Meadowbrook Ct, Bellingham WA

BEAUTIFY: Road2home drive

Bring cold weather gear and supplies to set up a new home to our gathering on Sunday, February 12th.

Bible Read Through Group

Join Aaron in reading through the Bible in 2023.
You'll read on your own, reflect in weekly emails, and occasionally gather in person. 

Upcoming Book Clubs

How the Word is Passed

Saturday, March 11, 9:30 - 11:00 am
At Maple Bar, 4252 Cordata Pkwy, Bellingham WA

Join Us This Sunday

9:45 am at

400 Meadowbrook Ct, Bellingham WA

Some thoughts for your week from Matt:

If you've been around Mosaic for a while, you likely know that I (Matt) am quite into neurology. I am particularly into the fact that our neuro-pathways can be changed through a process called "neuroplasticity". That is a big word for the brain's ability to rewire itself, thus changing our thinking and responses.

The ability of the human brain to do this is critical to our development. Without this ability, we could not move from infancy to adulthood in our thinking and reactions. This might be a lightbulb moment for some of you who are raising pre-teens and teens or even relating to adults who are stuck in behaviors and thinking patterns.

Our brains do not develop at the same rate and in cases where there has been trauma, the brain often gets stuck and people don't develop beyond the period of trauma. That is why it is so important to get help from professionals when we find ourselves stuck. It is not easy to see our own patterns and where they come from.

It's interesting that one of the most significant words in Jesus' (and John's) early ministry life became so misused and even abused. Jesus comes on the scene in the early chapters of Matthew, Mark, & Luke, telling people to "repent".

For many of us, the word "repent" is associated with one thing; the need to stop being such a terrible sinner. But that is not what Jesus was saying at all. Jesus was inviting the people of his day to allow their minds to be changed about who God is, what God wants, how we relate to God, how God thinks about people, what the future holds, etc.

Jesus' invitation was to learn to think differently.

Let your brain be rewired because the wiring has been influenced by a kingdom of power, vs. a kingdom of love.

Most of us don't like change...

But, we need to change and even embrace change....

- Matt
Our Sunday Gatherings
We start with a light brunch at 9:45 am.

The rest of our gathering starts around 10:10 am and involves music, Godly Play for kids ages K-4th grade, and a toddler room for the younger children.

The middle school and high school students have their own tables, but join us for the discussion. We love their insights!

We culminate our gatherings by bringing the children back and sharing communion together.

Everyone is welcome to participate in communion at Mosaic and we hope you will find it to be as meaningful as we do.
Feeling rusty on your brunch potluck skills?
These ideas are guaranteed to be a hit:

If your last name begins with...

A-H: Bring pastries or muffins or donuts to share.
I-P: Bring a hot and hearty breakfast dish to share.
Q-Z: Bring fruit or juice to share.

More Good Things Coming Up:

Email us at for more information about anything below.

Bible Read Through Group

Join Aaron in this lower pressure group & read through the Bible in 2023. Email Aaron to sign up.

Youth Group

The 1st Tuesday of the month grades 6-12 gather together, the 3rd Tuesday of the month we meet as 6th-7th and 8th-12.

February/March Book Club:  
How the Word is Passed

Join us at Maple Bar on Saturday, March 11.
Get all the details here.

On Our Calendar:

Email us at for more information about anything below.

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A missional community of people seeking to orient their lives around the life and teaching of Jesus.

Our journey began in the summer of 2006 when a small group of families spent a few days together in NW Montana.  We were fed up with our complacency and tendency to "go to church" while not really "being the church".

 We went to share, dream and explore what it might look like for us to share our lives together as well as invite others into that process.  

Upon returning from our trip, we gathered a group of about 30 people for a backyard BBQ in Bellingham, WA to discuss what it would look like to plant a new faith community that was intent on “being” the church and “being” Jesus.  After that evening together we began calling ourselves Mosaic and had several backyard BBQs throughout the summer to continue our exploration of “being”.
We have had an incredible time over the past 15 years and are as committed to our initial vision as we were when we started.  We are a little older, we have WAY more children and many of us have more gray hair, but we still love our community.

Many people have come and gone since we started, but the Mosaic would not be the same without them.  We hope you will consider exploring your part in the Mosaic as well!

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