Our Rhythm of Study: We study and meditate on the Bible, allowing it to permeate us and shape our minds, emotions, and lives. We seek to cultivate a craving for Jesus by taking time to learn about him. God’s word directs our journey and teaches us how to live and serve in this beautiful place.


At 10 am we gather in the gym at:
400 Meadowbrook Court
Bellingham, WA

Enter at the west end of the building.

In the book of 1 Peter, Peter exhorts the dispersed Jewish believers to live as "temporary residents and foreigners" where they are now residing. This idea of being in "exile" was not new for the Jewish people, as they had experienced many long seasons of being away from their "homeland", living with people, customs, and beliefs that were different from their own.
Jesus introduced a new kingdom when He was on earth. God's kingdom was subversive and contrary to the kingdoms of the world, yet He taught his disciples (and us) to pray that God's "kingdom would come on earth, as it is in heaven".
What does it mean to live as "temporary residents and foreigners" in 2024?
What does it mean to pray that God's kingdom would come here, as it is in heaven?
What can we learn from the "exile" periods that might help us navigate this period of division and conflict in our country?

Join us this summer as we explore these themes at our Mosaic gatherings. 
If you would like to read a complimentary book to our summer series, check out "Exiles" by Michael Frost and Alan Hirsch.

Mosaic Sunday Gathering
July 14, 2024
400 Meadowbrook Ct. West End
10:00 - 11:00 am

Don't forget that during the summer we shorten our gathering time by only doing a "coffee time" vs. having a brunch. This means we try to start on time, so please help by joining as close to 10 am as possible. Blessings!

Coming Up

Email us at MosaicNWinfo@gmail.com for more information about anything below.

Mosaic Church of Bellingham

A missional community of people seeking to orient their lives around the life and teaching of Jesus.

Our journey began in the summer of 2006 when a small group of families spent a few days together in NW Montana.  We were fed up with our complacency and tendency to "go to church" while not really "being the church".

 We went to share, dream and explore what it might look like for us to share our lives together as well as invite others into that process.  

Upon returning from our trip, we gathered a group of about 30 people for a backyard BBQ in Bellingham, WA to discuss what it would look like to plant a new faith community that was intent on “being” the church and “being” Jesus.  After that evening together we began calling ourselves Mosaic and had several backyard BBQs throughout the summer to continue our exploration of “being”.
We have had an incredible time over the past 15 years and are as committed to our initial vision as we were when we started.  We are a little older, we have WAY more children and many of us have more gray hair, but we still love our community.

Many people have come and gone since we started, but the Mosaic would not be the same without them.  We hope you will consider exploring your part in the Mosaic as well!

Our Rhythms
Our Team
Godly Play

Opportunities To Connect:

Email us at MosaicNWinfo@gmail.com for more information about anything below, or if you want to start a group.

The Artist's Way: Creativity Group

We are taking a break for the summer.
"The Artist's Way" meets to discuss and encourage the inner artist in all of us. RSVP and info email here.

All Mosaic Book Club

Stay tuned for new books and new times. To be kept in the loop about upcoming opportunities,  email here.

Youth Group

The 1st Tuesday of the month grades 6-12 gather together, the 3rd Tuesday of the month we meet as 6th-7th and 8th-12.

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