At Mosaic, we think there are very few things that characterize the heart of God more than generosity.  Certainly love and grace are major components, but interestingly, one of the ways they both express themselves is through generosity.  It was an act of generosity when God took on human form as Jesus.  It was an act of generosity when Jesus laid down his life and it was generosity when God poured out the Spirit on all mankind.  Contrary to being generous, the church in the west has often been characterized as isolationist, protectionist and separatist.  We don't think any of those exemplify the incarnational God of the Bible.  As a result, we encourage generosity in all forms.  Giving of our finances, our time and our energy.  We encourage people to give to local needs, global needs and of course to the faith community they are involved in.

Ways to give at Mosaic

The easiest way to give is via our online giving system. 
We are in the process of switching our online giving from Pushpay to the Subsplash giving platform. If you already have your Pushpay giving set up, we recommend setting up Subsplash giving and then canceling the donation on your Pushpay portal.
Use the buttons below to set up your giving and/or cancel the other one.
You can do a one time donation or set up recurring giving, which we greatly appreciate.
Mail: If you would prefer to mail in a check, you can send the check to:
Mosaic Church of Bellingham
PO Box 5505 Bellingham, Wa 98227


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